July 18-22 &
July 25-29,

Bug Camp FAQS for Students & Parents

FAQs answers for students:

Do I need a lot of experience to sign up?
No. All you need is an interest in insects and arthropods.

Who will my instructors be?
All of the instructors are UGA teachers and graduate students. They have all decided to teach at Bug Camp because they are excited about sharing their knowledge and passion of entomology with students like you.

What are the other students like?
Probably a lot like you. Everyone who signs up is interested in the chosen specialty, so you'll already have something in common with them. One of the nicest things about Bug Camp, though, is how it brings together different types of students from the surrounding areas. You'll meet students from different cities and different schools, and hopefully form friendships that will last throughout the school year.

Will this be like school?
No. Bug Camp @ UGA offers a very different learning environment than your school does. For one thing, our classrooms are much more relaxed. We do have lessons, but they will be hands-on activities that are designed to be fun and exciting. Some of your time will also be spent working independently or as part of a small group. Bug Camp will actually even take you out of the classroom for insect collecting in the field.

What about lunch?
We usually eat lunch around 11:30am in the Courtyard of the Biological Sciences Building. Many students bring their own lunches, but some buy sandwiches or a hot lunch from the Bulldawg Café in the Biological Sciences Building.

Is there a dress code?
Sort of. We do have rules about what you can't wear to camp (halter tops, short-shorts, bare midriffs, flip-flops) but we don't have uniforms or anything. Just keep in mind that we may be walking around campus a lot (sometimes running!) and you should wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. When we go in the field we will let you know ahead of time.


FAQs answers for parents:

Is this program appropriate for my child?
You are the best judge of what your child is capable of. It should be something that can hold their interest for the entire day (because bored students are always unhappy students!).

What is the daily schedule?
The typical full-day schedule looks like this:
8-8:30am Arrive at the Poultry Science Building Room 242
8:30-11:30am Morning activities & lessons
AM Break around 10am
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch in the Biological Sciences Courtyard
12:30-3:30pm Afternoon activities & lessons
PM Break around 2pm
3:30pm Picked up from the Poultry Science Building Room 242

How will your program benefit my child?
We can help your child in several ways. First, we can help identify and develop your child's talent in their chosen subject. Second, we will put your child in contact with other students and teachers in the area who share their interests and talents. Third, we will encourage your child to start thinking about their education and future in a new and exciting way.

Are meals included at Bug Camp?
Meals are NOT included in the price of Bug Camp. Normally, students and staff eat lunch in the Biological Sciences Courtyard around 11:30am. Many students bring their lunches, but some prefer to buy a sandwich from the Bulldawg Cafe. The typical cost of a cafe lunch ranges from $4 to $6 for a sandwich, chips and drink.

How much does Bug Camp cost?
The price of Bug Camp is based on the cost of equipment, supplies, and included field trips. Bug Camp will cost $150

What kinds of discounts are available?
We offer an Early Registration discount of $15 off the registration fee when you register by April 15. We also offer a discount for children of UGA Faculty & Staff, and an Additional Child discount when you register two or more children for one Summer Academy program. For more information on the available discounts, click here.

Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships?
If you are interested in a scholarship, please contact the Bug Camp Program Coordinator at (706) 542-1238 or entomolo@uga.edu.

When is my payment due?
Payment is due when you register. If you choose to split your payment in two, 50% is due when you register, and the remaining balance is due 10 days before your camp session begins.

What is your refund policy?
There is a $25 cancellation fee whenever you cancel your Bug Camp registration. If you cancel with more than two weeks notice, you will receive a refund of any monies paid minus the cancellation fee. There are no refunds given with less than two weeks notice.

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