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Entomology: UGA Honey Bee Program

In the News...

Delaplane & Berry tapped to lead editing effort

ABC-XYZ of Bee Culture c2007Keith Delaplane & Jennifer Berry were approached by Kim Flottum, Editor of Bee Culture Magazine, in 2013 to lead the editing effort for the next (42nd) edition of the popular beekeeping tome, "The ABC-XYZ of Bee Culture."

They subsequently engaged Philip Quinn to create an online, project management and reporting system to coordinate the massive undertaking, and began the search for other editors to share the responsibility for [1] reviewing the more than one thousand individual subject topics from the 2007 edition and [2] deciding which articles will be kept, which need to be rewritten, which will be discarded, and, finally, what additional pertinent topics have arisen in the last seven years that need to be added to keep the popular reference tome current and relevant.

In addition to Dr. Delaplane and Ms. Berry, the distinguished list of editors now includes Clarence Collison, Kim Flottum, Ann Harmon, and Jim Tew. The project management system went live (online) in August 2014, and the work progresses as the editors contact potential authors, make arrangements, set strategies, and update each other by posting their progress.

Among the many, exciting topical contributors who have confirmed are Charles Abramson, Dewey Caron, Yanping Chen, Sue Cobey, Bob Currie, Jamie Ellis, Rick Fell, MaryAnn Frazier, Tugrul Giray, Ernesto Guzmán-Novoa, Jeff Harris, Zachary Huang, David de Jong, Gene Kritsky, Wyatt Mangum, Eric Mussen, Jeff Pettis, Juliana Rangel-Posada, Diana Sammataro, John Skinner, Leellen Solter, Marla Spivak, Dave Tarpy, Jürgen Tautz, Tom Webster, and Mark Winston!


Lab buzzes during weekend of drone collections and queen inseminations

Sue Cobey, world-wide consultant on honey bee breeding, genetics and instrumental insemination, visited our UGA honey bee laboratory Thursday through Sunday (Jun 5-8, 2014).

The UGA staff was augmented by volunteers from the Forsyth County Beekeepers and Eastern Piedmont Beekeepers in order to accomplish the huge amount of work in just a few days.

Sue hails from a scenic island near Seattle, Washington. She holds dual posts at the University of California - Davis and Washington State University, as well as offers services as a private consultant. She regularly trains beekeepers, research scientists and their staff in honey bee insemination, bee breeding, and queen rearing techniques. She is also well known for her own closed-population breeding program of New World Carniolan bees.


Read more about Sue:

Bee Breeder-Geneticist Susan Cobey Accepts Dual Appointment: UC Davis and WSU

Building a Better Bee: New World and Old World Unite

Sue Cobey - curriculum vitae




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