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Entomology: UGA Honey Bee Program

Georgia Master Beekeeper Program
Master Beekeepers

Cindy Bee Master Beekeeper 2011 Young Harris Beekeeping Institute Installing Nucs Packages
GA Master Beekeeper Cindy Bee demonstrating how to install a package of bees.

The GA Master Beekeeper Program (GA-MBP) gives its participants not only the opportunity to learn, but also a sense of responsibility to teach others about the miraculous honey bee, the enjoyment of beekeeping, our shared dependence on pollination, a concern for the overuse of pesticides & shrinking forage-habitat in our environment, and the techniques of honey production & distribution. By the time of her/his certification as Master Beekeeper, each graduate has at least 15 such public service efforts under her/his belt, and s/he is challenged by Dr. Keith Delaplane to step up as public ambassadors for the cause of bees and beekeeping in their communities and beyond.

The UGA Honey Bee Program provides listings (by location, see links below) of certified GA Master Beekeepers not only to acknowledge their accomplishments, but also to serve as a resource for regional bee clubs, garden clubs, schools, county extension offices and others to contact & engage willing beekeeping experts to visit and address their groups, as well as participate in their various outreach programs (e.g., workshops, short courses, fairs, public demonstrations, etc.).

As an aside, Master Beekeeper Linda Tillman's recent, candid article on "Treating your Speakers Well" is an insightful narrative into what it's like to travel and make public presentations.


Bill Owens Honey Extraction 2011 YHBI
GA Master Craftsman Beekeeper Bill Owens sharing his wisdom on extracting honey.

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