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Entomology: UGA Honey Bee Program

Young Harris Beekeeping Institute

Honey Show

Nicholas Weaver Welch Honey Judge Young Harris Beekeeping Institure

We urge all YHBI participants to enter the Institute Honey Show, even if you’ve never competed before.

Show Information

Robert Brewer Melissa Bondurant Nicholas Weaver Honey Show
  • Only registered Institute participants may enter.
  • Judges, stewards, and show secretary are disqualified from competition.
  • Institute reserves the right to limit the number of entries on a first-come, first-admitted basis.
  • There are fourteen show classes:
    1. extracted honey light
    2. amber
    3. dark
    4. chunk honey
    5. black jar
    6. cut-comb
    7. creamed honey
    8. mead
    9. flavored mead
    10. beeswax cake (a single molded piece of two pounds or more)
    11. candle (poured or dipped, straight or ornamental)
    12. original bee-related photography
    13. original bee-related art, and
    14. beekeeping gadgets.

Show Rules

  • Upon entry, honey show participants will be asked to certify by signed affidavit that their entry was produced directly by the show entrant. 
  • Contestant may enter in any or all classes but may enter only once per class. The same honey cannot be entered in both the black jar class and another extracted honey class.
  • All honey and beeswax entries must have been produced by the submitter and within the last 12 months. This restriction does not apply to entries in mead, photography, art, and gadgets.
  • All entries for honey and candles must be submitted in triplicate: i.e., three matching jars of honey, three boxes of cut-comb, or three candles. The only exemption is black jar; one is enough.
  • Submit extracted honey in standard one-pound Gamber or queenline-type jars. Either plastic or glass is acceptable; jars with tamper-proof seals will be disqualified.
  • Submit chunk honey in standard one-pound chunk honey jars with wide mouths and straight sides. Insert only one piece of comb in jar.
  • Submit mead in clear 750 ml bottles.
  • The sole criterion in the black jar class is flavor. Your entry will be placed into a black jar by staff.
  • Beeswax entries must be pure beeswax.
  • Art and photography must be presented in a self-standing frame, and each accompanied with a 3 x 5 card giving the title, artist, and brief “story” behind the piece.
  • Do not label products in any way; an identifying code sticker will be assigned to your entry at registration.
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:45 AM Friday.
  • Judging criteria are selected at the discretion of chief judge. All entries are judged on individual merit; class ribbons are awarded at judge's discretion.
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