Scott Horn


Will Hudson

Past President

Gerald Harrison


Stan Diffie


Nancy Hinkle



Journal of Entomological Science


Wayne Gardner

Associate Editor

David Buntin

Associate Editor  

Business Manager

Susan Thornhill



Local Arrangements Committee

Ed Mondor

Stan Diffie





Program Committee

Will Hudson, Chair

Scott Horn

Stan Diffie




Insect Survey

Phillip Roberts, Chair

Stormy Sparks

Mark Abney Will Hudson



Awards and Recognition
David Riley, Chair Jim Hanula

John All

Keith Griffith
Student Affairs
Lorenza Beati, Chair Kerry Oliver
Joni Blount John Ludwig


Ted Cottrell, Chair James Hadden
Dan Horton  
Stormy Sparks, Chair Babu Srinivasan
Meeting Site Selection
Ed Mondor, Chair Michelle Tremblay
Mark Blackmore  
GES Scholarship
Alan Harvey, Chair David Riley
Dan Suiter  
O.J. Snapp Award (Non-Student Paper)
Keith Griffith, Chair Lisa Ames

Wilson Faircloth




T. L. Bissell Award (M.S./B.S. Student Paper)
Michael Ulyshen, Chair Lance Durden

Mark Abney


C. M. Beckham Award (Ph.D. Student Paper)
Michael Toews, Chair Will Hudson

Ann Amis


U. E. Brady Award (Student Poster)
Jim Dutcher, Chair Yanzhuo Zhang

Babu Srinivasan


Photo Salon
Lisa Ames, Chair Dan Suiter


Ted Cottrell, Chair  


Industry Panel
Keith Rucker, Chair Wilson Faircloth


Membership and Computer Resources Committee
Jim Hanula, Chair Cindy Tucker

Operating Guidelines Committee
Kristine Braman, Chair Bethany Harris

Sporting Events
Philip Roberts (Golf) John All (Run/Walk)
Stormy Sparks  

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