Fellows of the Georgia Entomological Society

The GES recognizes significant and self-less contributions to science and the GES by means of a program to recognize distinguished individuals for selection as GES Fellows. Recognition as Fellow of the GES, a program that began in 1991, is reserved for superlative and significant contributions to science and shall be open to GES members as well as non-members.  Not more than two (2) Fellows shall be selected per year, and if there are no names nominated then no award shall be made that year.  Any member may nominate individual(s) for the Fellows designation, and the GES Awards and Recognition Committee will submit the committee's nomination to the GES Board of Directors.  Nominations shall be by letter and will include:

                1) the name of the individual to be nominated for the designation as GES Fellow,

                2) a listing of his/her specific, significant contributions, and

                3) any additional background information that might be helpful to the Committee.

The GES Committee on Awards and Recognition solicits nominations for recognition of outstanding members of the Georgia Entomological Society for designation as GES Fellow.  Nominations for the GES Fellow award may be made at any time.  All nominations will be kept confidential within the committee.  Send nominations to the GES Awards and Recognition Committee.

James H. Oliver, Jr
Preston E. Hunter
Alton N. Sparks
J. Bruce Wallace
Harry O. Yates, III
Sturgis McKeever
Rudolph T. Franklin
W. Joe Lewis
Richard B. Chalfant
Ronald D. Oetting
Frank E. French

C. Wayne Berisford
Daniel V. Hagan

Wayne A. Gardner
Lance G. Peterson
Jim Dutcher
Keith Griffith
John All
T. Don Canerday
William "Hap" Tietjen
Beverly Sparks
Robert McPherson
David Buntin
Tracie Jenkins
Kristine Braman


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