Object and Purpose of the Georgia Entomological Society

The object and purpose of the Society is to foster entomological accomplishments among its members and to promote the welfare of the entire State of Georgia through the encouragement of:

  1. association and free discussion among all entomologists;
  2. the preparation, reading, and publication of papers;
  3. the dissemination of entomological information to the general public;
  4. the cooperative production of a statewide insect survey;
  5. publication of the "Journal of Entomological Science." - from Constitution of the Georgia Entomological Society, Inc.

The Society provides a focal point for entomologists through the dissemination of results of original research, ideas and accomplishments in technology transfer, and information on entomology and entomologists, through its annual meeting and the Journal of Entomological Science. Annual meetings are held at sites throughout Georgia where entomologists and scientists in related fields convene and are given the opportunity to present papers and posters. Each meeting opens with the recognition of a founder of the society followed by a series of invited papers covering an area of general importance and interest. These papers are followed by papers and posters offered by the members of the Society. Social events at the annual meeting typically include a golf tournament, 5K run/walk, a program for guests and a social hour before the final day. Awards are presented for the best papers by regular and student members and the best poster by a student. The Journal is published quarterly and is distributed to over 600 members and libraries across the world. Volume 38 (2003) included 79 scientific papers and 720 pages. The Society also sponsors a scholarship for an outstanding graduate student member. Membership is open to all persons interested in entomology and an application can be obtained on request from the Secretary-Treasurer. Committee work in the Society is very gratifying and all members are encouraged to volunteer.


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