Georgia Entomological Society Scholarships

Georgia Entomological Society Scholarships will be awarded to one M.S. and one Ph.D. graduate student member selected by the Society's scholarship committee based on merit. Please consider applying for the Georgia Entomological Society Scholarships. The application guidelines are attached. If you are not a member of the Society you may join and become eligible. The first year membership for students is free and includes a subscription to the Journal of Entomological Science.

Guidelines for the Georgia Entomological Society Scholarships

In March of 1988, The Georgia Entomological Society established an Entomology Scholarship in its name for the purpose of furthering entomological science and knowledge by providing financial assistance to outstanding graduate students of Entomology. Separate scholarships, each valued at $500.00, and a commemorative plaque are provided for M.S and Ph.D. students and awarded at the annual meeting awards banquet.


1)  The scholarship is open to all student members of the Georgia Entomological Society who matriculate in a college or university in the United States.

2)  A student must have been accepted by a college or university for enrollment in a graduate program and be actively pursuing a post-graduate degree in either Entomology, Acarology or Biology with a major track in any of these disciplines.

Selection Criteria:

1)     A letter of recommendation from an official of the nominating institution.

2)   A letter of acceptance from graduate school (for new students) or other proof of graduate student status.

3)    A letter of recommendation from at least one professional entomologist, who is a GES member.

4)    Curriculum Vitae -This should include, but not be limited to:

a.  A short narrative regarding undergraduate and/or graduate accomplishments, i.e. detailing of any research project(s) in which the student participated and/or any teaching assistance rendered, papers presented or grants received.

b.     Grade point average(s) and GRE or equivalent scores should be included.

c.     A narrative relating to future goals leading to a career in Entomology or an associated field.

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