The Pleasing Fungus Beetles (Coleoptera: Erotylidae) of
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

J.V. McHugh and F.W. Shockley

The family Erotylidae is a family of beetles in the superfamily, Cucujoidea. The North American fauna consists of 49 currently described species. Erotylidae can generally be distinguished from other fungus feeding beetles based on a 5-5-5 tarsal formula, lack of pronotal grooves, elytral striae (rows of punctures), clubbed antennae, and glabrous (without pubescence) appearance. Of the 49 NA species, only 19 species in 7 genera have been recorded from Great Smoky Mountains National Park .

Dacne quadrimaculata
Ischyrus quadripunctatus
Megalodacne heros
Microsternus ulkei

Pseudischyrus extricatus
Triplax festiva
Triplax flavicollis
Triplax frontalis
Triplax macra
Triplax thoracica
Tritoma angulata
Tritoma biguttata affinis
Tritoma biguttata biguttata
Tritoma carolinae
Tritoma humeralis
Tritoma mimetica
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Tritoma pulchra
Tritoma sanguinipennis
Tritoma unicolor

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