Media Activities and News Coverage

Atlanta Journal Constitution. "Species Discoveries: The name game delivers a pot of gold – and protection." By Mike Toner. Story about the discovery and naming of new species. 4/22/2007. Link to Excerpt

University of Georgia Research Magazine. "Putting Organisms in Their Places." by Carole Van Sickle. Story about NSF PEET research projects on campus. Fall/Winter 2005. Link to Story

Southscapes Magazine."Beetlemania" Story about beetle systematics research in our lab. Vol. 1(1). Spring, 2005. Link to Story

F.H.M. Magazine. Interviewed by Steve Marzolf about cockroach biology and The Virtual Roach software for an article about roaches. (5/2005). Link to Excerpt

C.A.E.S. Office of Communication, GeorgiaFaces Website."Researcher identifies new species." Interviewed by Sharon D. Omahen about Insect Systematics and tropical fieldwork (2005). Story picked up by various newspapers around the state. Link to Story

C.A.E.S Office of Communication, Website. Audio interview by John Harrell about beetle diversity and systematics (2005). Link to Story

Nature."Gut Feeling for Yeasts." News and Views article by Teun Boekhout, Review of Beetle-Yeast biodiversity research done in collaboration with Sung-Oui Suh and Meredith Blackwell. Nature. 434(24 March, 2005), 449-450.

Columns Newspaper."Identity Crisis: Researchers use PEET grants to raise profile of taxonomy in scientific community." Questions and Answers section article by Carole Van Sickle. 4/11/2005. Link to Story

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Newsletter. Article entitled "The Virtual Roach, An Instructional CD-ROM on Insect Anatomy." E. Wright. 2002(7): 1, 4-5, 7-11.

C.A.E.S Office of Communication, Website. Audio interview about The Virtual Roach Project. (2001). Link to Story

WSB-TV, Ch.2, Atlanta. News interview by Joe Courson about the Virtual Roach Project (1997).

University of Georgia website. "UGA Beetle specialist identifies new species." Story about systematics work in our lab. Link to Story

Turner Broadcasting Company."Feed Your Mind" episode. Provided ideas for episode about insects, helped to arrange filming sessions at UGA, and hosted T.V. crew (1996).


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