General Research

Coleoptera Systematics
Beetle diversity is an astounding aspect of life on Earth. The beetle branch on the tree of life exhibits remarkable variation in morphology, development, physiology, behavior, ecology, etc., and this diversity is reflected by astounding species diversity. Recent estimates of the number of valid beetle species range between 350,000 and 365,000; implying that one out of every five known species on the planet is some type of beetle. Estimates of total extant beetle species range from one million to more than ten million. It is clear from the ratio of known to unknown beetle species that the order Coleoptera, as a whole, remains in a poor state of taxonomic development.

Funded Research
PEET Project, Cerylonid Series: Building systematics expertise in Cucujoidea (Coleoptera): Monographic and phylogenetic research in the Cerylonid Series. National Science Foundation (PEET) Grant #DEB-0329115.
Beetlebellyeasts: A study of beetles and their yeast endosymbionts from basidiocarp habitats. National Science Foundation (BS&I) Grant #DEB-0072741 & DEB-0117180.

The Virtual Roach: An Instructional Tool for the Study of Insect Anatomy. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grant #98-38411-6727.

Beetle Tree of Life Project, Cucujoidea TWiG: The focus of this project is to provide a robust phylogenetic hypothesis based on morphological data and DNA sequences for the beetle superfamily Cucujoidea in coordination with the larger and more comprehensive Beetle AToL project. National Science Foundation AToL Grant #EF-0531665.


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