Electronic Bibliographies

A Bibliography of Endomychidae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) -- F.W. Shockley (UGA)

Electronic Checklists

Checklist of the Alexiidae of the World (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) -- F.W. Shockley (UGA)

Handsome Fungus Beetles of Papua Indonesia -- F.W. Shockley (UGA)

Strohecker Endomychidae Collection at FSCA -- F.W. Shockley (UGA)

Endomychidae of Great Smoky Mountains National Park -- F.W. Shockley & J.V. McHugh (UGA)

Erotylidae of Great Smoky Mountains National Park -- J.V. McHugh & F.W. Shockley (UGA)

Erotylidae of Barro Colorado Island -- J.V. McHugh & J. Johnson (UGA)

Tree of Life Pages

Alexiidae -- F.W. Shockley (UGA)

Bothrideridae -- N.P. Lord (UNM)

Cerylonid Series -- J.A. Robertson & J.V. McHugh (UGA)

Cerylonidae -- J.A. Robertson (UGA), A. Slipinski (CSIRO) & J.V. McHugh (UGA)

Coccinellidae -- J.A. Giorgi (UGA) & N.J. Vandenberg (USDA-SEL)

Corylophidae -- J.V. McHugh, J.A. Robertson (UGA) & A. Slipinski (CSIRO)

Discolomatidae -- F.W. Shockley (UGA) & A.R. Cline (CDFA)

Endomychidae -- F.W. Shockley (UGA)

Latridiidae -- F.W. Shockley (UGA), C.S. Hartley (MO. Bot. Garden) & N.P. Lord (UNM)

Phasmida -- E.H. Tilgner (UGA)

Sphindidae -- J.V. McHugh (UGA) & J. Forrester (MPCS)

Non-McHugh Lab Cucujoidea Resources

A Bibliography of Cucujidae (sens. lat) -- M.C. Thomas (FSCA)

A Preliminary Checklist of the Flat Bark Beetles of the World -- M.C. Thomas (FSCA)

Family Cucujidae Latreille 1802 (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) -- M.C. Thomas (FSCA)

Illustrated Atlas of the Laemophloeidae Genera of the World (Coleoptera) -- M.C. Thomas (FSCA)

Pleasing Fungus Beetles of North America, Family Erotylidae -- P.E. Skelley (FSCA)

World Checklist of Valid Names in Phalacridae -- M.L. Gimmel (LSAM)

Checklist of the Coleoptera of Louisiana -- M.L. Gimmel (LSAM)



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