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Summer is waning but mosquito season is full swing; Georgians need to stay vigilant August 10, 2016
The risk of Zika is low but Georgians should reduce mosquito populations where they can August 10, 2016
Lesser cornstalk borers a problem for Georgia's peanut farmers July 28, 2016
UGA scientist Kris Braman named head of university's entomology department July 21, 2016
Homeowners advised to monitor chinch bug damage July 20, 2016
Zika is making headlines, but West Nile virus may be more prevalent this year July 1, 2016
Don't let ticks keep you out of the woods this summer June 30, 2016
Dry weather has given some parts of Georgia a slow start to mosquito season, but Georgians are urged to remain vigilant June 30, 2016
Beekeeping Institute celebrates 25 years and 2,500 attendees May 26, 2016
Insect scout schools important for Georgia farmers, agriculture consultants to attend May 10, 2016
Researchers trying to understand declining kudzu bug populations April 7, 2016
Economic thresholds key in managing insect pests, saving farmers money March 29, 2016
Georgia creates guidelines to protect pollinating insects March 23, 2016
Spring is the time to eliminate mosquito habitats from the landscape March 10, 2016
UGA research shows at-plant insecticide for thrips in cotton key to preventing yield loss March 2, 2016
Sugarcane aphids make growing sorghum difficult for Georgia farmers February 19, 2016
UGA's David Riley earns Recognition Award in Entomology February 3, 2016
Demand for agriculture graduates on the rise across the nation, USDA reports December 29, 2015
Extension-made traps take the guess work out of pecan weevil control in Dougherty County December 21, 2015
Kissing bugs have been in Georgia for thousands of years and pose little risk December 15, 2015
Grant promises blueberry farmers more weapons in fight against spotted wing drosophila October 15, 2015
Extinguish spring fire ants by treating this fall September 24, 2015
Tiny flies around fruit and vegetables are most likely fruit flies September 24, 2015
"Super" lice teach a valuable lesson in insecticide resistance August 29, 2015
UGA Cooperative Extension well represented in MPPPM program on UGA Tifton Campus August 6, 2015
UGA entomologist stresses scouting fields for pests to Georgia peanut farmers July 2, 2015
Borlaug Fellows Team with UGA Researchers to Enhance Food Security in Home Countries June 15, 2015
Honeybees have significant impact on Georgia's crops May 21, 2015
Limiting tick exposure is the first step to preventing tickborne diseases May 21, 2015
UGA Researchers studying management options for thrips April 29, 2015
New entomologist eyes different approach in studying insects April 23, 2015
Tiny insect saws through rose bushes April 23, 2015
Peanut entomologist solicits help via statewide survey April 16, 2015
UGA researchers find hormone receptor that allows mosquitoes to reproduce April 10, 2015
Scientist seeks public's help tracking new stink bug for UGA research April 9, 2015
UGA entomologist researching thrips in order to control tomato spotted wilt virus April 8, 2015
UGA entomologist says proper corn storage can lead to better market prices March 5, 2015
UGA entomologist researching ways to control maize weevil in corn February 25, 2015
UGA entomologist, graduate student searching for ways to control cowpea curculio February 24, 2015
UGA entomologist's pioneering work with “invisible bugs” wins her national recognition December 18, 2014
Peanut pest wreaked havoc on Georgia's dry-land crop this year December 5, 2014
New stink bug app could save farmers, scouts time and money November 19, 2014
Dry summer leads to heavy spider mite damage in non-irrigated peanuts October 27, 2014
Pest thresholds: How many pests are too many pests? October 2, 2014
UGA student tests effectiveness of natural pest repellants September 18, 2014
Kudzu bug numbers are drastically lower September 18, 2014
Fall is the best time to treat for fire ants September 4, 2014
After a short hiatus, Japanese beetles return to Georgia landscapes and gardens July 10, 2014
UGA Extension Director Beverly Sparks retiring June 30 June 26, 2014
Pesticides can be lethal if used inappropriately; always follow pesticide labels June 26, 2014
Small changes can make a big difference in the lives of urban pollinators June 19,2014
Ambrosia beetles boring holes in freeze damaged fig trees June 12, 2014
Termites are lazy, when they aren't eating wood, UGA researcher says June 5, 2014
Dump standing water and trim vegetation now to knock down summer mosquito populations May 29, 2014
Maize weevils can destroy stored corn crops from the inside out April 10, 2014
Race to save Georgia's massive hemlocks receives boost from Legacy Tree Project April 9, 2014
UGA President Jere Morehead visits Tifton campus April 3, 2014
UGA entomologist Nancy Hinkle receives regional 2014 Recognition Award in Urban Entomology March 20, 2014
Severe winter weather won't put a dent in Georgia's insect population February 26, 2014
UGA bee expert named honorary member of the Order of the British Empire February 17, 2014
UGA Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health hosts Chinese delegation February 6, 2014
Thrips took a toll on 2013 Georgia peanut, cotton crops January 16, 2014
Burrower Bug Silent Pest for Peanut Producers November 1, 2013
People and Pests Head Indoors for the Winter October 31, 2013
UGA Researcher Studies Fire Ant Genetics October 8, 2013
Kudzu Bugs Costly Concern for Soybean Farmers October 4, 2013
UGA County Agent Finds New Ant Species in Georgia September 17, 2013
Emerald Ash Borer Found with a Foothold in North Georgia August 22, 2013
Apps Helping Farmers Identify Unwanted Pests August 2, 2013
Fall Fire Ant Control August 20, 2009
Fall Webworms Feed on Trees, Leave Mess Behind August 20, 2009
With a Little Effort, You Can Nix Ticks August 13, 2009
Knock Down Wasp Nests Now May 14, 2009
Protect Yourself from Mosquito Baby Boom May 7, 2009
Brown Recluse Spider Isn’t Typically a Southerner February 19, 2009
Brown Widow Spiders – Hiding in a Log Near You November 26, 2008
Pink Hibiscus Mealybug Found in North Georgia November 13, 2008
Training Program Reduces Pesticide Risks at School October 16, 2008
West Nile Numbers Down, Carriers Thriving October 2, 2008
Pretty Pest Causes Ugly Damage September 3 , 2008
UGA Leads Effort to Swat Down Major Vegetable Disease August 28, 2008
Chemical Control Choice the Key August 28, 2008
Drought Reduces Insect, Disease Pressure August 21, 2008
Fire Ant Origin Tracked Back to Argentina July 31, 2008
Giant Wasps Not After Humans July 17, 2008
Watch Out for Mosquito Baby Boom July 3, 2008
UGA Given $4.1 Million to Study Disappearing Bees June 6, 2008
Headless Fire Ants Can't Bite May 22, 2008
Insect Scouting Reveals Pests May 8, 2008
Termite Control Not for Novices May 1, 2008
Reproducing Black Flies Helps Research Effort April 24, 2008
Pine Beetles Attracted to Weak Trees January 10, 2008
Indoor Invaders Not Ladies November 15, 2007
Whitefly Swarms Swat Georgia Tomato Crop November 8, 2007
Georgia Honeybees Close Rough Production Year October 8, 2007
Drought Drives Mosquito Numbers High October 3, 2007
Drought Chops Japanese Beetle, Spittlebug Numbers September 27, 2007
Fall Fire Ant Control: Get 'em While They're Young September 20, 2007
White Grubs Seem Harmless as They Eat Up Your Lawn September 6, 2007
West Nile Virus Rare, Mosquitoes Not August 23, 2007
Hordes of Whiteflies Hitting Georgia Farmers Hard August 23, 2007
Drought Driving Argentine Ants into Homes August 2, 2007
Sparks Named Associate Dean of UGA Extension May 31, 2007
Greens Growers Constantly Battle Diamondback Moths May 10, 2007
Wasp Burrows Not Unhealthy for Your Yard May 3, 2007
Spiders are Wrongly Accused March 29, 2007
Tiny Creatures Indicate River’s Health March 22, 2007
Spring Brings Top 11 Landscape Insects, Diseases March 21, 2007
Acting Fast Can Prevent Chigger Bites This Summer March 15, 2007
Georgia Farmers Eyeing New Pests in Soybean 'Boom' March 1, 2007
Beekeepers Mull Colony Death Mystery as Toll Rises February 15, 2007
Pinpointing Pests for Agents, Homeowners December 7, 2006
Research-Industry Relationship Helps Fight Termites November 22, 2006
Beneficial Bugs Naturally Eliminate Pests August 17, 2006
UGA Researchers Work to Save Rapidly Dying Trees August 17, 2006
Biopesticide-Protected Crops Get Unexpected Boost August 2, 2006
Tiny 'Turf Terrorists' Hard to Reach, Control July 13, 2006
Warm Weather Sends Mosquitoes Biting in Georgia April 20, 2006
Scientists Asking a Favor: Send Bird Ticks March 14, 2006
'Killer Bees' Nearing Georgia (Don't Panic) February 3, 2006
Don’t Pitch Hard Honey; Nuke It Dec. 8, 2005
UGA Honey Adds Sweetness to Holidays Dec. 7, 2005
Roberts Wins 2005 D.W. Brooks Award October 3, 2005
Espelie Wins 2005 D.W. Brooks Award October 3, 2005
Herbert H. Ross Posthumously Honored February 16, 2005
Insect-Light Cotton Crop, Some Bugs Still Stink October 28, 2004
Urticating Caterpillars Will Give You Hives Sep. 2, 2004
Pink Hibiscus Mealybugs Enter State August 19, 2004
UGA Study Reveals New Role for Germ Cells July 22, 2004
Recent Rains Created Mosquito Breeding Grounds July 15, 2004
Fire Ants Don't Thrive in Wooded Areas May 27, 2004
How Do You Deal with Bees in the Garden? April 6, 2004
Cicadas Emerging Soon Almost Old Enough to Vote March 31, 2004
Zero Boll Weevils Found in Georgia Cotton Fields March 11, 2004
Annoying Masses of Lady Beetles Bugging Georgians March 10, 2004
What Does Your Termite-Control Contract Provide? Feb.16, 2004
Take Care to Avoid Tick Bites Outdoors Feb.16, 2004
Beekeeper's "Heart" Lives on in UGA Research Nov. 4, 2003
Killer Wasps Swarm in August August 13, 2003
Bug Gang Strikes Georgia Cotton Crop July 31, 2003
Scorpions Not as Dangerous as They Look July 17, 2003
Bug "Bites" Haunt Some People Year-Round June 11, 2003
Protect Yourself Against Mosquito "Baby Boom" April 24, 2003
Providing Room, Board for Cat Fleas Not Fun at All April 10, 2003
Thrips a Growing Problem for Vidalia Onion Farmers February 6, 2003
Nix Ticks by Treating Your Skin, Clothes October 3, 2002
Guard Against Ticks—Lyme Disease Serious, Too October 3, 2002
Local Researchers Involved in Breakthrough Malaria Findings October 3, 2002
Ticks Aren't Just After Your Dog May 30, 2002



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