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Entomology: Personnel

Entomology Faculty

Ronald D. Oetting

Professor of Entomology
Griffin Campus
Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1974

Contact Information

Address: Department of Entomology
UGA Griffin Campus
1109 Experiment Street
Griffin, GA 30223-1797

Phone: (770) 412-4714

Dr. Ronald Oetting

My research program addresses the management of insects and related pests on floricultural crops grown under greenhouse conditions. I am developing integrated pest management programs focusing on primary pests of major crops grown in Georgia greenhouses—aphids, thrips, spider mites and whiteflies. One research area is evaluating sampling systems for key pests to drive action thresholds for IPM. Because chemical control is the backbone of pest management in greenhouse production I am evaluating improved methods of chemical application and new types of insecticides such as Insect Growth Regulators that are compatible with natural enemies. Much of my program is directed toward investigating and incorporating alternatives to chemical control, such as improved cultural practices and biological control, into plant health management programs and still produce a quality greenhouse-grown product.

Selected Publications

Oetting, R. D. and R. J. Beshear. 1993. Biology of the greenhouse pest Echinothrips americanus Morgan (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). In. Advances in Thysanopterology, J. S. Bhatti (ed.). J. of Pure and Applied Zoology 4: 307-315. Scientia Publ., New Delhi.

Latimer, J. G. and R. D. Oetting. 1994. Brushing reduces thrips and aphid populations on some greenhouse-grown vegetable transplants. HortScience 29(1): 1279-1281.

Latimer, J. G. and R. D. Oetting. 1995. Conditioning treatments affect growth and spider mite infestation of greenhouse-grown bedding plants. HortScience 30(4): 829. Abstract paper 907.

Oetting, R. D. and J. G. Latimer. 1995. Effects of soaps, oils, and plant growth regulators (PGRs) on Neoseiulus cucumeris (Oudemans) and PGRs on Oriusinsidiosus (Say). J. Agric. Entomol. 12: 101-110.

Harris, M. A., R. D. Oetting, and W. A. Gardner. 1995. Use of entomopathogenic nematodes and a new monitoring technique for control of fungus gnats, Bradysia coprophila (Diptera: Sciaridae), in floriculture. Biological Control 5: 412-418.


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