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Entomology: Personnel

Entomology Faculty

J. Bruce Wallace

Professor of Entomology
Athens Campus
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1967

Contact Information

Address: Department of Entomology
University of Georgia
413 Biological Sciences Building
Athens, GA 30602-2603

Phone: (706) 542-7886

Dr. Bruce Wallace

I am retired and my research was in stream ecology and involved work in several  areas. Although retired, I am still completing publications from earlier research projects.  These include: effects of disturbance on stream ecosystems; organic matter dynamics in streams; secondary production and ecology of aquatic invertebrates; manipulation of stream food webs; invertebrate community structure in streams; and, role of aquatic invertebrates in stream ecosystem processes.  Most of my current work includes completing (publication) of earlier work Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. Our work there was centered around several major themes that included: 1) secondary production of invertebrates and factors influencing their production; 2) the influence of watershed disturbance on stream communities; 3) long-term dynamics of particulate export from streams; 4) manipulation of stream resource bases (terrestrial litter inputs) to assess linkages between streams and the watersheds they drain (with Dr. J. L. Meyer et al.); and, 5) the effects of nutrient enrichment on a headwater stream (with Dr. Amy Rosemond et al.).  My past work and that of my former graduate students (Entomology and Ecology) included studies evaluating the effects of various land use practices, including watershed, food and nutrient manipulations, anthropogenic disturbances, stream size gradients, and local geomorphology on invertebrate community structure and production.

Selected Publications

Eggert, S.L., and J.B. Wallace. 2001. Reduced detrital resources limit Pycnopsyche gentiles (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae) production and growth. North American Benthological Society: 22(3): 388-400. PDF

Roy, A.H., Rosemond, A.D., Leigh, D.S., Paul, M.J., Wallace, J.B. 2003. Habitat-Specific Responses of Stream Insects to Land Cover Disturbance: Biological Consequences and Monitoring Implications, 22(2):292-307 PDF

Cross, W.F., J.P. Benstead, A.D. Rosemond, and J.B. Wallace. 2003. Consumer-resource stoichiomentry in detritus-based streams. Ecology Letters. 6: 721-732. PDF

Eggert, S., Wallace, J. 2003. Reduced detrital resources limit Pycnopsyche gentilis (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae) production and growth. The North American Benthological Society, 22(3):388-400 PDF

Eggert, S.L., and J.B. Wallace. 2003. Litter breakdown and invertebrate detritivores in a resource-depleted Appalachian stream. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie: 156(3): 315-338. PDF

Johnson, B.J., W.F. Cross, and J.B. Wallace. 2003. Long-term resource limitation reduces insect detritivore growth in a headwater stream. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 22(4): 565-574. PDF

Cross, W.F., B.R. Johnson, J.B. Wallace, and A.D. Rosemond. 2005. Contrasting response of stream detritivores to long-term nutrient enrichment. Limnology and Oceanography. 50(6): 1730-1739. PDF

Hutchens, J.J. Jr., J.B. Wallace, and E.D. Romaniszyn. 2005. Role of Podostemum ceratophyllum Michx. in structuring benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in a southern Appalachian river. Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 23(4): 713-727. PDF

Johnson, B.J., and J.B. Wallace. 2005. Bottom-up limitation of a stream salamander in a detritus-based food web. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 62: 301-311. PDF

Wilcox, H.S., J.B. Wallace, J.L. Meyer, and J.P. Benstead. 2005. Effects of labile carbon addition on a headwater stream food web. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography. 50(4): 1300-1312. PDF

Cross, W.F., J.B. Wallace, A.D. Rosemond, and S.L. Eggert. 2006. Whole-system nutrient enrichment increases secondary production in a detritus-based ecosystem. Ecology. 87(6): 1556-1565. PDF

Johnson, B.R., Wallace, J.B., Rosemond, A.D., Cross, W.F. 2006. Larval salamander growth responds to enrichment of a nutrient poor headwater stream. Hydrobiologia, 573: 227-232. PDF

Cross, W., Wallace, J., Rosemond, A. 2007. Nutrient enrichment reduces constraints on material flows in a detritus-based food web. Ecology, 88(10): 2563-2575. PDF

Eggert, S.L., Wallace, J.B. 2007. Wood biofilm as a food resource for stream detritivores. Limnology and Oceanography, 52(3): 1239-1245. PDF

Entrekin, S.A., J.B. Wallace, and S.L. Eggert. 2007. The response of Chironomidae (Diptera) to a long-term exclusion of terrestrial organic matter. Hydrobiologia. 575: 401-413. PDF

Greenwood, J.L., Rosemond, A.D., Wallace, J.B., Cross, W.F., Weyers, H.S. 2007. Nutrients stimulate leaf breakdown rates and detritivore biomass: bottom-up effects via heterotrophic pathways. Oecologia, 151:637-649. PDF

Meyer, J.L., D.L. Strayer, J.B. Wallace, S.L. Eggert, G.S. Helfman, and N.E. Leonard. 2007. The Contribution of Headwater Streams to Biodiversity in River Networks. Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA). 43(1): 86-103. PDF

Romaniszyn, E.D., J.J. Hutchens Jr., and J.B. Wallace. 2007. Aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate drift in southern Appalachian mountain streams: implications for trout food resources. Freshwater Biology. 52: 1-11. PDF

Benstead, J., Rosemond, A., Cross, W., Wallace, J., Eggert, S., Suberkropp, K., Gulis, V., Greenwood, J., Tant, C. 2009. Nutrient enrichment alters storage and fluxes of detritus in a headwater stream ecosystem. Ecology, 90(9):2556-2566. PDF

Davis, J.M., Rosemond, A.D., Eggert, S.L., Cross, W.F., Wallace, J.B. 2009. Long-term nutrient enrichment decouples predator and prey production. PNAS, 107: 121-126. PDF

Wallace, J., Eggert, S. 2009. Benthic Invertebrate Fauna, Small Streams. Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, 2: 173-190. PDF

Wallace, J.B. and S.L. Eggert. 2009. Terrestrial and longitudinal linkages of headwater streams. In Canaan Valley and its Environs: A Landscape Heritage Celebration. Canaan Valley Institute, Davis, West Virginia. PDF

Davis, J. M., A. D. Rosemond, S. L. Eggert, W. F. Cross, and J. B. Wallace. 2010. Nutrient enrichment differentially affects body sizes of primary consumers and predators in a detritus-based stream. Limnology and Oceangraphy, 55(6): 2305-2316. PDF

Ely, D. T. and J. B. Wallace. 2010. Long-term functional group recovery of lotic macroinvertebrates from logging disturbance. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 67: 1126-1134. PDF

Romito, A. M., S. L. Eggert, J. M. Diez, and J. B. Wallace. 2010. Effects of seasonality and resource limitation on organic matter turnover by Chironomidae (Diptera) in southern Appalachian headwater streams. Limnology and Oceanography, 55(3): 1083-1092. PDF

Eggert, S.L., Wallace, J.B., Meyer, J.L. and Webster, J. 2012. Storage and export of organic matter in a headwater stream: responses to long-term detrital manipulations. Ecosphere. 3:75. (DOI: PDF

Wallace, J.B. and Ely, D.T. 2014. Stream macroinvertebrate response to clearcut logging. Pages 177-193 in: Swank, W. T. and J. R. Webster (eds). Long-term response of a forest watershed ecosystem. Clearcutting in the southern Appalachians. Oxford University Press, New York. 247pp.

Wallace, J. B., S. L. Eggert, J. L. Meyer, and J. R. Webster. 2015. Stream invertebrate productivity linked to forest subsidies: 37 stream years of reference and experimental data. Ecology. In press.   

Benke, A. C. and J. B. Wallace. 2015.  Trophic basis of a Coastal Plain river; amorphous detritus fuels production dominance by snag invertebrates. Freshwater Biology. In press

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