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Seminar Schedule

Fall 2014 Seminar Schedule

*All seminars take place Monday from 12:20 pm-1:10 pm in Room 404A of the Biological Sciences Building, unless otherwise noted.

August 18
First Day of Class, (orientation/syllabi)

August 25
No Seminar

September 1
No Seminar - Labor Day

September 8
Dr. David Riley, Department of Entomology, University of Georgia (Tifton)
"Whiteflies and Weevils, the Two Latest Challenges to Vegetable IPM in GA"
September 15
Dr. David Held, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Auburn University
"Manipulating Multi-Trophic Relationships for Management of Turfgrass Pests"
September 23, Tuesday 11am* (Joint Seminar with Cellular Biology Department)
Dr. Mike O'Connor, Ordway Professor of Developmental Biology, University of Minnesota
"Neuroendocrine Control of Drosophila Development Timing, Body Size and Behavior"
*Please note that this seminar will be held on Tuesday at 11am instead of Monday at 12:20pm.
September 29
Dr. Punya Nachappa, Department of Biology, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
Title TBA
October 6
Dr. Kristen Michel, Department of Biology, Kansas State University
"The Roles of Insect Immunity in Vector-borne Disease Transmission"

October 13
Dr. James Whitfield, Department of Entomology, University of Illinois
"From Biodiversity Inventory to Large-scale Descriptive Taxonomy: Challenges with Hyperdiverse Parasitoid Wasps"

October 20
Dr. Andrew Suarez, School of Integrative Biology, University of Illinois
Title TBA

October 27
Dr. Mark Benedict, Entomology Unit, FAO/IAEA Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory
“Area-wide Control of Malaria Vectors: Turning the Paradigm Upside Down”

November 3
Dr. Nicole Gottdenker, Department of Pathology, UGA School of Veterinary Medicine
Title TBA
November 10
Dr. Allen Moore, Department of Genetics, University of Georgia
Title TBA
November 17
No Seminar - ESA Annual Meeting

November 24
No Seminar - Thanksgiving
December 1
No Seminar

December 8

Last Day of Class



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